Staffing structure reviews

At this time of initial budgeting, staffing costs come to the fore.

Staffing is your biggest and most valuable resource, but there are often savings to be made without the need for staff cuts; through non replacement of natural wastage, or efficiency savings made by effective deployment of existing staff.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Consider carefully the deployment of classroom support staff, can additional SEN pupils be already covered without the need to employ additional staff?
  • What other skills do your LSAs have? Could these be tapped into to share the workload more evenly throughout the school? Could they each be given responsibility for a particular task according to their own skill set eg. displaying pupils work, running after school clubs such as Netball, Art or Lego club. The result could be a cost saving but more importantly an increase in staff morale as the workload is more fairly distributed and the staff feel valued.
  • Could members of SLT teach more? Remember to consider overall workload.
  • Could experienced teaching staff with a TLR be given more responsibility?
  • If you lose your Finance Officer do you need a full-time replacement or is it more cost effective to pay your finance support consultant to cover the higher-level work and employ a finance assistant for the day to day processing?

Reviewing staffing structure can be difficult, your HR advisor can assist with the personnel matters and your finance staff together with your finance support consultant can produce scenario costings to assist the governors in the decision-making process.