Winter is here and Snowsports visits are looming – It’s Snow-time!

There are many school visits taking place over the next few weeks which involve skiing or snowboarding. Within our Juniper Education Educational Visits Support team, we have over 40 Secondary and several Primary overseas ski visits noted. This article supersedes the planned content for edition 8.

All schools need to consider these key requirements for taking part in Snowsports trips:

  • Notification and approval for such visits require early notification to the EVC/Head/Adviser. Have you submitted your visit plan yet? (at least four weeks in advance)
  • Most employers require (or strongly recommend) that the Visit Leader holds the SCO Certificate – A day’s training for leaders who organise the ski trip. Not technical skiing but focus on H&S/Safeguarding/planning and risk management for Visit Leaders arranging the trip to highlight areas for consideration in planning for these higher risk visits.
  • Ski Course Organiser (SCO)A basic six-hour course designed to give teachers, youth leaders and other competent persons the skills necessary to organise a snowsport course for groups including young people in recognised ski resorts in the UK and abroad.
  • Have you read/followed the OEAP National Guidance for Snowsports Visits?
  • Ensure your participants are fit and ready to maximise the benefits for this trip. Have you planned a visit to a local indoor ski slope? Arranged fitness sessions for participant?
  • Have parents been fully informed of all activities and the programme? Extra activity? Swimming? Ice-skating? Etc. Do not engage in activities which have not been agreed and shared with all stakeholders. Consider – are suitable trained staff leading such activities and is effective supervision in place?