Schools financial value standard/ School resource management self-assessment tool: Dashboard Completion

Dashboard completion

The dashboard should be completed now with the figures from your 19/20 year-end data to allow time for the governors/trustees to discuss the resulting figures before submission.

The Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS) remains the same as last year submitted to your LA according to their set deadline.

The School Resource Management Self-Assessment Tool (SRMSAT) has changed considerably from last year, but only in relation to the questions on the checklist for trustees to complete, the dashboard has remained the same. The deadline for submission to ESFA 15th March 2021

Inputting the raw data

LA maintained schools use the 19/20 Final CFR; Academies use relevant ledger/nominal code totals from your 19/20 preliminary year end trial balance to feed into the headings on the raw data tab.

In both cases the staffing FTE figures should come from the November 2019 Workforce Census as this shows the staffing levels relevant to the expenditure figures.

Dashboard info – things to note are:

  • Infant, Junior and Primary schools all come under the Primary phase
  • Progress scores can be found on the Compare School Performance website
  • For 19/20 figures, total pupil numbers & FSM pupil count should come from the Oct 2019 census as this is the pupil count that the bulk of the spending relates to rather than the pupil numbers you were funded for.
  • Nursery – if you can clearly separate the income and expenditure figures, you can complete a separate dashboard for the Nursery.

Analysis of dashboard results

The results are RAG rated against national thresholds and should be compared with the previous year to see if there are any changes which can be used as a narrative for the governors/trustees.

Any areas now showing as Red or Amber should be investigated, and if there are no clear explanations, further comparisons can be done by using the benchmarking website for a local selection of comparators; if other schools are found in a better position, give them a call to find out what it is that they do differently as this information may help you to produce an action plan for consideration by governors/trustees.

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