Senior Leadership Recruitment

We have supported schools and academies with these appointments for many years, and in our experience finding the right person with all the essential skills is becoming increasingly difficult. Moreover, the models of leadership are evolving with an increase in positions covering more than one school.

There are a number of key steps that need to be taken, to give the best chance of making a good appointment.

Take stock:

Where is your school and what direction have you set for the future? Do you need a like for like appointment or are you looking for different skills to move the school forward?


Take your time to plan the recruitment to ensure it is robust. Recruitment is expensive.  Getting it wrong is much more expensive.

Focus on key documents:

Review and update the job description and person specification.  The role of headteacher is not generic – each school needs particular knowledge, skills and experience.

Are your recruitment pack and website up to date and attractive?  Prospective candidates will evaluate you, as much as you evaluate them.

Apply a robust selection process:

Senior Leaders are not just managers of teaching and learning – they manage everything from finances to staff. These require different skills and you need to be confident that the candidates can deliver on all elements.

And finally, provide appropriate professional development and experience to your own managers. They are the senior leaders and they need to be prepared.

Juniper Education have a wealth of experience with senior appointments and you can turn to us for support with this most complex and critical process.If you’re school would like to find out more about our HR subscription service, please contact us on 0345 200 8600 or email [email protected] JTVCcHJvZHVjdHMlMjB0YWclM0QlMjJOZXclMjBTdGFmZiUyMiU1RA==