Is It Time to Return to Teaching?

Return to Teaching

Education has been all over the headlines recently and those of us who work in, and with, schools know what an amazing job schools have done over the past few months. Staff can’t wait to see the children and young people they work with and for school life to return to how it was pre-Covid-19.

Applications to Train to Teach Have Increased

Despite some negative press coverage (which has shown a serious lack of understanding of how schools function and how most have remained open since the ‘shutdown’ on 20th March) applications to train to teach have increased by 8% in comparison to last year and, looking at various job sites, there’s no shortage of teaching posts available.

Good teachers will always be needed and, in times of economic uncertainty, teaching can provide a high level of job security.

How Can You Prepare for Your Return?

But walking back into the classroom after a career break is daunting. Many things will have changed. So, what can you do to regain your confidence and prepare you for your return? A good place to start is a ‘Return to Teaching’ course which refreshes you on ‘the basics’ – the Teachers’ Standards; the National Curriculum and planning for learning; managing behaviour; marking, feedback and statutory assessments; safeguarding; SEND. You’ll feel equipped, motivated and inspired to move forward with your career.

And, if you’re not sure you’re ready to accept the responsibilities of a teacher again, why not apply for a teaching assistant role to see if you really do enjoy being back in a school environment?

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