Relax with a good (audio) book

If you’ve ever listened to Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter you’ll know the pleasure of a book read aloud.

For time-starved teachers audio books are the perfect way of unwinding. What’s more they can be incorporated with ease into your day, are easily accessible on lots of devices and can be listened to whilst you do other routine things.

Audio book sales is a growing segment in the digital publishing sector so there’s lots of choice both fiction and non-fiction and after a long day where much of our work will have been screen-based being able use your ears rather than eyes is perfect for physical as well as mental well-being.

When our minds are full of thoughts about the day’s challenges or tomorrow’s ‘to do’ list it isn’t always easy to concentrate on the written word. Listening to someone else read aloud allows us to be distracted for a time from the churn of work and personal demands and worries. A good narrator can make books come alive creating a completely immersive experience far away from the stress and emotional challenges we face in school.

Even with the best intentions it’s hard to carve out time in a busy teaching day to read for our own enjoyment or enrichment but audio books provide an opportunity to multi-task – the journey home, sitting in a traffic jam, eating lunch – creating spaces throughout the day that we can set aside for ourselves.

Choose a book, start listening and ….. relax!