Compulsory Relationship and Health Education for Primary Schools

Target Tracker in partnership with 1decision.

Schools will be aware that, from 2020, relationship education and health education become compulsory in primary schools.  Updated statutory guidance will come into effect from September this year and it outlines what pupils should know by the end of primary school.

Many schools have been working to develop policies and to plan learning across their schools to fit with the new guidance. We’re no different; Target Tracker has been seeking ways to best help schools record learning for all year groups.

Our latest offering results from Target Tracker working in partnership with 1decision.  Customers of 1decision can now record and track learning in PSHE using Target Tracker in much the same way they already can for other subjects.

The 1decision resources have been produced for the media generation and includes interactive content suitable for all learning styles. Over the past eight years each module has been created by PSHE and Safeguarding experts together with schools, and most importantly, children.

The core of the 1decision programme is a series of documentaries and videos with alternative endings, which enable children to explore various topics in a safe, educational environment. The videos feature within 1decision’s collection of on-screen lesson guides and their workbooks allow students to document learning and assess their own progress.

The PSHE Association awarded the 1decision modules for ages 5-8 the PSHE Quality Mark in January 2016. The new 8-11 modules received the PSHE Quality Mark in June 2019.

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