Policies, policies, policies…

In the past few years, governors and school leaders have found themselves increasingly swamped by all of the policies and procedures that they are required to have in place.

Here are our top tips for keeping on top of your school’s policies.

  • Most policies do not need to be signed off by the governing body. There are actually only about ten policies that the full governing body itself needs to discuss. Examples include child protection, pay, and admissions policies.
  • Develop a policy framework that is signed off by governors annually and provides governors with the assurance that all policies are being checked and monitored by someone somewhere in the school. This may be a big piece of work initially, but it will save a lot of time and energy later on.
  • Keep track of what happens to policies once they have been approved. Where were they published and when? It is easy for policies to get forgotten once they have been approved and we only realise that we haven’t actually published a policy when a staff member or parent asks for it.
  • Have a governor with responsibility for compliance. This role can ensure that things are kept up to date, easily accessible, and effectively monitored.

And don’t forget to use your clerk. They will be keeping track of any changes to statutory guidance and will let you know what needs to be reviewed and when.