Let’s talk Brexit!

I thought Brexit news was done and dusted but now come the issues for overseas travel.

Example 1
A student who holds a foreign passport was not allowed to fly back to the UK without a written consent from their parents from the embassy.

Luckily, after hours of negotiation and help from BA staff, they allowed the student to check in as they realised they were a foreign citizen living in the UK as they also had their identity card with their English address on.


Example 2
A while ago, I was informed of another problem at a Spanish airport where a teacher, with a group of MFL students who had been on a week’s exchange visit staying with Spanish families, was detained on suspicion of people trafficking.

Fortunately, he had copies of letters of introduction from both the Headteacher at his school and the Principal of the exchange partner school, together with copies of parental consent forms for the students but it still took a long time to persuade the immigration officers at the airport that he was genuine and on a bona fide educational visit.

Whilst it is impossible to know precisely how things are going to turn out, it seems that visit leaders returning to the UK with their groups should be prepared and able to verify who they and their students are.

Where are you going to this year? Check the Overseas travel advice and guidance.

OEAP National Guidance Document 7r Overseas Travel and Travel Advice  Select Country / Brexit / Health etc.

In my next article for edition 11 of The Juniper Express, I hope to highlight specific developments in EVOLVE which were due at the end of last month. Some are, but we’ll wait for the rest!