Induction is essential to getting the employment relationship off to the right start

Induction for employees can often be overlooked or seen as unnecessary where staff move from school to school. However, it is essential to ensure the relationship gets off to the right start.

  • It engages the employee, to ensure they feel valued and part of the school team
  • It enables the school to set out its ethos and expectations for conduct, behaviour and performance
  • It provides the employee with important information about policies, procedures and personnel
  • An introduction to key personnel in the school and their roles
  • Provision of information about key systems, procedures and policies. This includes those general to the whole school (e.g. safeguarding, health and safety), and those relevant to employees (e.g. attendance, code of conduct).
  • Setting clear expectations of the employee’s specific role including tasks and standards
  • Identification of any training or support needs
  • Clarification of line management and lines of communication

A clear record of the induction programme should be kept, which not only confirms key tasks that have been undertaken but that the employee acknowledges and understands the information. At Juniper, we have developed an online induction programme for new staff and volunteers. This imparts key information about working in a school (including safeguarding and code of conduct), tests understanding and provides a record for the school. This compliments face-to-face induction, by enabling it to focus on school-specific elements, saving valuable management time.