How to get the most out of your school website

A schools website is its window to the world. It portrays the schools brand, values, personality, its offering for pupils, parents, school staff, as well as providing key compliance information. Keeping the website fresh and up-to-date throughout the year is as important as working with a school website designer when you launch a new website.

Here are our top hints and tips to keep your website tip-top to make sure it’s always making a good first impression, and continuously informing and engaging with parents and families.

Refresh the photos on your school website

Keep your home page captivating by changing your slide show images twice a year. This can bring a fresh spring and autumn feel to the website whilst having the opportunity to showcase new elements of the school. You could also add a welcome video at the beginning of each academic year to welcome new pupils and parents to the school.

Keep all your key information and dates on your website

Provide parents and families with all the information they need at their fingertips in one easy and accessible place. It will keep your content fresh, and reduce the number of calls and emails to the school.

Use your scrolling banner for important news and updates and make sure your calendar and feeds are up to date. This will encourage parents to look at this regularly for school events and information. Add your school newsletter to your website and send the link to parents, this is quicker and easier than sending it as an email attachment.

Keep the content on your school website organised and easy to navigate

As you use your website, the content that you share with parents and families will continue to grow. Keep the drop-down menus on the home page navigation short. If you have extra information you want to include you can create subpages and put your additional content in there. You might want to add extra ‘Welcome’ information, to do this create your Welcome page and then create sub-pages within that page. You can also update your subpage icons to help bring your pages to life.

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Keep your content fresh and relevant

The past 12 months have been challenging, and school websites have been the main source of information for parents and families with important school updates and online learning. Having too much information on your school website can be confusing and distracting for parents and pupils, have a spring, summer, autumn and winter clean of your website content.

Go through your content and ask yourself, has it been on the website for longer than 6 months? Is it still relevant and useful? What dates are on the documents, do they need updating? Is it adding any extra value to parents and families? Can it be removed to make space for new content?

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Archiving and removing content.

We know that schools have been creating wonderful and engaging blogs and videos for their video resource centre. However, just because you have content doesn’t mean that you have to have it all on your website. By auditing what you already have and keeping the most relevant and highest viewed it can create a better user experience.

You can use the statistics area on the back end of your website to see what users are looking at and when. This will help you decide what to keep, remove, when to add information, and when parents are most likely to see it.

At the end of each academic year archive your class pages, this will make your school website feel fresh and ready for the new school year.

Keep in touch

School website designs continuously change, by keeping your content and images refreshed your website can always look new. We’re here to support you, remember we add new features and updates in the ‘What’s New’ page to the schools’ CMS area, and provide a free annual DfE compliance check to all our customers.

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