Headteacher Performance Management – The Role of the External Adviser

Don’t Let Deadlines Creep Up

The deadline of 31st December for the completion of Headteacher Performance Management may seem a considerable time away, however many primary schools like to get the process completed in July (after the National Curriculum assessments data is released but before the end of the summer term) or early in the autumn term.

External Advisers

External advisers are critical to this process and will guide those involved through the statutory requirements of the review process to ensure that objectives set drive the school’s improvement plan.

Effective external advisers will clarify links between internal and external accountability and advise on the professional development of the headteacher so that they are well equipped to lead the school forward.

Understand the Importance of Headteacher Performance Management

According to the DfE, external advisers should:

  • summarise data to give a clear understanding of how the school is performing
  • analyse the headteacher’s evidence of progress against objectives
  • support the governing body in interpreting information and pupil performance data
  • bring to bear broad experience working with a number of governing bodies and headteachers
  • support, question and challenge the headteacher
  • understand the importance of headteacher performance management and performance management in schools

Book Early to Avoid Disappointment

After such a challenging year, high quality advice from an experienced adviser will be more crucial than ever. These people will be in demand so book early to avoid disappointment!Juniper Education offers remote Headteacher Performance Management – contact us to find out more.