Have you had too much Christmas spirit?

As governors, Christmas is often a busy time. As well as the usual schedule of meetings to attend, we are invited to Christmas plays, carol concerts, festive lunches, PTA Christmas activities, frost fayres, and all sorts of other events. Governors can often feel overwhelmed trying to balance governance responsibilities with work commitments and personal commitments.

One of our duties as governors is to know our school and its community and that means having an engagement plan for the year. Rather than all governors attending every event, a better route to take would be to map out engagement events through the year and ensure that attendance at these is evenly spread through the governing body. Have the conversation up front at the beginning of September, looking for busy periods and planning in advance can help governors to feel more in control of their time. This will enable them to engage more fully in the events they do attend, and more importantly, will mean that there will be governor presence at all important events through the year.

If your governing body doesn’t have an annual governance plan which includes governor engagement, make it your New Year’s resolution to put one together. Happy Christmas!