Educational Visits Mobile Learning Courses

My first articles reflected on the importance of competent visit leaders and accompanying staff; in this article I explain the mobile learning options available from Juniper Education for schools seeking cost effective Visit Leader Training.

The Adviser works on the basis that the Headteacher, when approving a visit, ensures all the leaders and assistant leaders are inducted, and trained for their role on educational visits.

Courses can be expensive and what happens when not all staff can have access to the training when booked in school?

To address this, we have produced two very cost-effective (price is based on school size) and convenient on-line and off-line CPD modules for Educational Visits (both courses are endorsed by EVOLVE, RoSPA, and the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom):

  • Visit Leader Training (from £100 – £300 for Primary Schools and £300 -£550 for Secondary Schools)
  • Critical Incident Planning (from £25pp or £150 per school)

The Visit Leader Training explains the purpose of educational visits and how to ensure that the necessary health and safety, and safeguarding measures are in place for these visits.

The Critical Incident Planning module helps senior school leaders or the school’s Critical Incident Management Team identify procedures required to manage educational visits and ensure that the likelihood of incidents is reduced, and what needs to be in place should the worst happen.

Schools outside the Juniper Education – Educational Visits Support may need to consult their own adviser as to the suitability of the mobile learning CPD offered.

For more information about either of these courses contact [email protected] or visit our shop.

In my next article for edition 5 of The Juniper Express, as days get darker, I will explore the humorous side of Educational Visits.JTVCcHJvZHVjdHMlMjB0YWclM0QlMjJTY2hvb2wlMjBWaXNpdHMlMjIlNUQ=