Create a culture of wellbeing

This weekend, Juniper Education held its regional governance conference in Essex. One of the sessions, run by a local mental health provider, at the conference was on ‘creating a culture of wellbeing in your school’. As this week is also children’s mental health week, and 27% of young people now actively seek mental help, we are considering what governors should be doing to ensure wellbeing for both the young people and the adults in the school community.

Here are some thoughts for governors:

  • Are your school leaders and governors proactive in creating a culture of wellbeing?
  • Do you have a systemic approach in place to ensure that mental health for staff and students is considered?
  • When you are reviewing policies, do you consider what their implementation may mean for staff workload?
  • Does your governing body discuss the impact of their decisions on all members of the school community including those who are suffering from mental health issues?

Modelling the behaviours that you want to promote is the best way to influence the culture in your school. Just communicating when you need to take a step back because you are overloaded goes a long way in allowing others to do the same.