Coronavirus (Covid-19) Catch-Up Premium

£1bn Additional Funding Available To Schools

The government announced in July that an additional £1bn of funding for schools would be available to use to help pupil’s catchup where their education has been so disrupted over the past few months. The funding is split into two amounts, the first a catch-up premium for all schools which will be paid to them directly. The remaining amount will be used to allow schools to access a National Tutoring Programme

This is a one-off fund for the 20/21 academic year only and will not be repeated, so remember to ensure that this has been considered when reviewing your school budget and forward plan.

Catch-Up Premium

All schools and academies will receive £80 per pupil for pupil in Reception to year 11.  All special, alternative provision and hospital schools will receive £240 per place. The funding will be made in three payments:

  • an interim payment in the Autumn term based on current numbers
  • a second payment will be based on October 20 census numbers and will be paid early in the Spring term.

The first two payments that schools or academies receive will total £46.67 per pupil for reception to year 11 or £140 per place for special, alternative provision and hospital schools.

The third and final payment will be the remaining amount of £33.33 per pupil for Reception to year 11 pupils or £100 per place for special, alternative provision and hospital schools.  The final payment will be made in the Summer term 2021.

These allocations will use up £650million of the total pot, and schools have the flexibility to spend their funding in the best way for their cohort and circumstances. However, you must be able to account for how you have used the funds achieve the goal of teaching a normal curriculum within your school as soon as possible.

Governors and trustees must scrutinise the planned spend of the funds in line with their own catch up priorities which they should have agreed. If you receive an OFSTED visit, either non-graded or routine during the next academic year the spending and impact of these funds may be discussed.

National Tutoring Programme

The remaining £350million in the fund will not be paid directly to schools but will be used to setup a National tutoring programme to provide additional targeted support for those children who need the most help. There are two parts to the programme; tuition partners and academic mentors.Schools will be able to access subsidised tuition from an approved list of tuition partners from November, and you will be able to use your catch-up premium to pay for this.  The programme will focus on supporting disadvantaged pupils with a range of models available including those suitable for pupils with SEND or in Alternative Provision.

Schools in the most disadvantaged areas will be supported to employ in-house academic mentors to provide small group tuition to their pupils.  Teach First will provide the recruitment, training and placement of academic mentors and their salaries will be subsidised by the government.   It is expected that the academic mentors will start in your school from the October half term. Schools can express an interest in joining the academic mentoring scheme through the Teach First website.

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