Collaborative Pupil Premium Health Checks

These one-day pieces of work evidence what is working well in your setting, and what could give further impact, whilst also providing you with a detailed report.

Collaboration is the key, as the experts are already in school, but often value a focused time when this important piece of work can take place with an external colleague.

Health Checks include:

  • a detailed look at pupil premium on the school`s website to check for compliance prior to the review
  • discussions with the headteacher, governors, parents and all staff who have a responsibility for aspects of pupil premium, including whether the last Ofsted inspection tasked them with any next steps
  • learning conversations with groups of pupils (some of whom will be in receipt of the grant, but who will obviously remain anonymous)
  • discussions about how the school involves parents, carers and outside agencies
  • discussions about how attendance and punctuality is tracked and what impact this has on pupils
  • how the social, emotional and mental health needs of pupil premium children are supported
  • how the school’s assessment and tracking systems are responsive to the needs of pupils
  • the impact of the register of interventions and support strategies on pupil outcomes and on the school’s budget
  • how the Education Endowment Foundation toolkit is used to further support the school’s effective use of pupil premium funding

Any Health Check will be tailored to your setting; you decide what you want to include.

Contact us for more information about the range of Health Checks that we offer and for bespoke consultancy services.JTVCcHJvZHVjdHMlMjB0YWclM0QlMjJIZWFsdGglMjBDaGVjayUyMiU1RA==