Additional Funding for Exceptional Costs due to Covid-19

How to Claim

The claims process for this additional funding is now open. The deadline is the 21st July 2020 to submit the application form, no exceptions to this date. You must have a DfE Sign-in account to access the online claim form; if you don’t have one you will need to create one using the DfE sign in page.

Check with your Local Authority as they may be submitting claims on behalf of maintained schools.

MATs can submit on behalf of their academies in a single submission.

Once you have a DfE account, you can access the form here

Top tip: The online form is simple to complete but times out after 1:45 hours and all data will be lost, so make sure you have all the information to hand before you start.

What You Can Claim For

The 3 agreed categories you can claim for are:

  • Increased premises related costs for keeping school open for designated pupils during holidays
  • Support for FSM for eligible children who are not attending school and you have not used the national voucher scheme
  • Additional cleaning costs where there has been a confirmed or suspected case of Coronavirus

Remember you can only claim for additional costs over and above what you would normally have spent for the same period and if the costs incurred cannot be covered by other savings within your budget, or the expenditure will have an adverse effect on your forward financial plan. You must not claim if you will be able to add to your reserves at the end of this year.

Click here for the full details

Other Exceptional Costs

If you have ‘other exceptional costs’, you will have to type in an explanation and, as this section is not guaranteed entries will be subject to scrutiny, which will delay the overall payment. You cannot claim for:

  • Costs associated with opening schools from 1st June 2020
  • Additional staff costs
  • Loss of self-generated income

If your total claim exceeds that permitted for your size of the school, you will have to provide an explanation.

When to Claim

You should claim for costs incurred up to the date of submission, don’t worry if you have more costs later in the summer as there will be a further opportunity to claim in the Autumn, details are yet to be released.

If you make a mistake or miss something off, you can log back in and resubmit your claim, the latest claim is the one they will process.

If the amount is less than the maximum permitted for your size of the school and you have not claimed for any ‘other items’, the DfE will pay the money to the LA in August for distribution to maintained schools and directly to academies in September.