Christmas and Teacher Workload

You cannot ignore the fact that there is a focus in Education on Teacher workload.  There is mention in the new Ofsted framework, clearly stating that ‘resources must reflect the intent of the curriculum that does not impact on workload’.  Further mention comes in the Governance Handbook; Competency Framework for Governors and the School Staffing regulations to name but a few.

The National Governors Association (NGA) 2019 survey reports that teacher workload is now the 2nd highest concern amongst the responding 5000 schools, with 62% of schools recording it in their top 5 concerns.So, it is an issue but what is the real impact in your schools?  Poor work life balance affects staff in several ways:

  • Poor morale affecting the quality of teaching and outcomes for pupils
  • Retention of staff is harder as well as recruiting new staff
  • Increased absenteeism putting added pressure on all staff affecting pupil outcomes

What do we do about it?  48% of schools in the NGA survey are actively addressing the issues, but what about the others?  Some areas to think about are:

  • Reviewing marking policies to be able to mark on the spot in class to reduce time spent at weekends
  • Ensuring that Performance Management is well structured and focused on workload issues
  • Making sure meetings are focussed and not a waste of time

Discuss issues with your Leadership team, be proactive and innovative and it can make the difference.

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