Bid Writing

For academies there is the annual round of Condition Improvement Funding, although this tends to be geared towards Health & Safety aspects of buildings, however, if successful this could free up funds from your structural maintenance budget to be spent elsewhere in school.

But all schools and academies have the same opportunity to apply for grants from Trusts or big companies, it is simply a case of fitting your project to their criteria. As an example a supermarket chain gave one school a grant to install a canopy in the playground, the application was worded to explain that the shade provided would not only be a benefit at break-times but would allow for an outdoor teaching space, both of which were linked into the health and wellbeing of the pupils.

Knowing how best to write your bid is vital, whether that be for CIF funding or securing a grant, making sure the evidence you provide substantiates your claims; projects are especially successful where they may be of benefit to the wider community. We have a Bid Writing Toolkit that has comprehensive instructions on what to include, which is downloadable on any smart device.