Acquiring Additional Funding for Exceptional Costs due to Covid-19

This guidance was withdrawn on 21 July 2021

This page has been withdrawn because it’s no longer current.

Check up-to-date coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance and information.

Who is Eligible?

Funding has been made available to cover additional costs incurred as a result of the coronavirus outbreak; these are costs that are over and above expected expenditure in delivering appropriate support for pupils through this period. Available to all state-funded schools:

  • Maintained primary, secondary, all through schools, academies and free schools.
  • 16 to 19 maintained schools and academies.
  • All SEN schools and academies, APU and PRU.
  • Maintained hospital schools and academies.

You should:

  • Only claim if you cannot meet the costs from your existing budget without drawing on reserves which would affect your long-term financial sustainability.
  • Not claim if you are able to add to your reserves in 20/21 financial year despite having paid these extra costs.

DfE guidance:

Specific items covered

  • Premises: Utilities and resources needed to keep the school open during Easter and/or summer half term holidays- costs that are in excess of the norm for this period.
  • Free school meals for eligible children not attending school: Costs before the national voucher scheme started, where schools are providing the meals directly to the children and where the vouchers cannot be used locally.
  • Cleaning: Additional cleaning due to suspected or confirmed Covid-19 cases.

How Much Can You Claim?

  • Up to 250 pupils: Claim limit £25,000
  • 251-500 pupils: Claim limit £30,000
  • 501-1000 pupils: Claim limit £50,000
  • Over 1000 pupils: Claim limit £75,000
  • SEN schools and APU: Claim limit £50,000

In Preparation to Making a Claim

Although the DfE are not due to open the claims process until June and will publish full guidance nearer the time, you should adopt the following procedures now so that you are fully prepared:

  • Keep records of all expenditure relating to COVID-19.
  • Record the income and expenditure separately for ease of reporting with your accounts and if needed for audit.
  • Headteacher or the business manager must ensure claim is valid and sign the claim.

You must make sure your claim is justified as clawback will apply.

If you cannot pay these exceptional costs upfront due to cashflow issues, contact your Local Authority or ESFA for a short-term advance on your budget allocation.