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Legal Background and Requirements.

The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act, 1974, places a duty on employers that states they must supply their employees with the information necessary to carry out their duties safely. The school is legally responsible to provide advice, guidance and training for staff to be able to carry out their educational visits safely and employees must work within the requirements of their employer’s guidance. School staff therefore need to understand and follow the guidance of their School Visits Policy.

The Role of the Educational Visits Coordinator (EVC)

The role of the Educational Visits Co-ordinator is to:

  • be responsible for the Establishment Visits Policy (e.g. OEAP Document 5.3b), either as the head of establishment, or on the behalf of the head of the establishment.
  • support the head of establishment (and governors/employing body) as required with information, visits approval, and other decisions.
  • ensure that Visit Leaders are trained to plan and carry out visits by the EVC, the Educational Visits Adviser, or approved alternative CPD training
  • carry out refresher training/ briefings for Visit Leaders on at least an annual basis.
  • assess competence of leaders and others on visits. This will commonly be done with reference to training, qualification, experience, observation, as well as the EVC’s professional opinion.
Educational visits training and legal requirements

What are the Training Requirements?

All EVC’s should be formally trained with updated training every 3 years, they should also be responsible to provide Visit Leaders with annual training either formal or informal. Visit leader training can be in-house led by the EVC or by the Educational Visits Adviser.

Our ‘Visit Leader’ Training course is available through the Premium Subscription for schools, or directly through our shop alongside the ‘Critical Incident Planning’ course. Any CPD Visits Training should be logged on the staff ‘profile’ on the EVOLVE system to keep records up to date.

Online Training Anytime, Anywhere.

  • Visit Leader Training – ‘Educational Visits’
    This mobile course for Visit Leaders will explain the purpose of educational visits and how to ensure that the necessary health and safety and safeguarding measures are in place.
  • Critical Incident Planning – ‘Visit Emergencies’
    This mobile course for senior school leaders or the schools’ Critical Incident Management team will help identify procedures required to manage educational visits, ensure the likelihood of incidents is reduced and what needs to be in place should the worst happen.
Norberto Fusi

Norberto Fusi

Norberto is the Educational Visits Adviser for Juniper Education. He has worked in secondary schools for 11 years and managed a residential Education Centre for Essex County Council for 20 years. Over the past 11 years, Norberto has been a member of the Outdoor Education Adviser Panel (OEAP), an assessor for the LOtC Quality Badge, and associate adviser for EVOLVEAdvice.