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Appeal Panel Members

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We are currently looking to appoint members to hear appeals for school admissions appeals and independent reviews of pupil exclusions. There are no specific qualifications or experience that you need to become a Panel Member and we welcome people with all types of knowledge, background and experience.  Full training will be given.

Independent School Admission Appeals

Parents/guardians have the right to appeal against the decision of the Admission Authority when their child is not allocated a place at their preferred school. These appeals are heard by an independent appeal panel comprised of a chair, a lay person and someone who has experience in education.

Independent Review Panels

Parents/guardians have the right to ask for a review of a Governing Body’s decision to permanently exclude their child. These reviews are heard by an Independent Review Panel. These are made up of a lay member to chair the panel, current or former school governors and current head teachers or individuals who have been a head teacher within the last five years.

Panel Members are expected to be independent and play an active part in questioning all parties at the hearing, showing favour to neither party, avoiding expressing personal opinions during the course of a hearing or making the case for either party and being conscious at all times of acting, and being seen to act, independently of the school. Panel Members need the ability to carefully consider the cases of all parties and then make a balanced and reasoned decision based on what they have read and heard.

These roles are voluntary, although expenses are paid for attending panel hearings and briefing/training sessions.

If you are interested in becoming a panel member you can obtain further details and an application form by contacting us on:

0345 646 0515 or email