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Book of the Week

Key Stage 1

Authors – Victoria Turnbull
Illustrator – Victoria Turnbull
Publisher – Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd.
Paperback – 9781847807502
eBook – 9781328809636

Pandora lives alone in a world of broken things. Then one day, something falls from the sky… a bird with a broken wing. As the bird heals and their friendship grows, the bird begins to fly again and always comes back bringing seeds and flowers which begin to grow.

This lovely story accompanied by delicate illustrations is short and sweet with a beautiful ending.

Key Stage 2
Where the River Runs Gold

Author – Sita Brahmachari
Publisher – Hachette Children’s Group
Paperback – 9781510105416
EPUB – 9781510105461

Kairos City was beautiful once, before the storm.

Now the flowerbeds are built over with brick, the bees are long gone, and children are sent to the freedom fields to pollinate crops by hand for the good of the nation. But Shifa and her twin Themba uncover an impossible secret that could change everything.

A dystopian story for Upper Key Stage 2 that addresses environmental issues.

Website of the Week
Kew Gardens - Website of the Week

Virtual Kew

Watch the short videos of the Tropical Nursery and the Palm House.

  • How many species of plant can be found in the Tropical Nursery?
  • How many climatic zones are there in the nursery?
  • Which animal could the carnivorous plant eat?
  • How many different species of plant are there in the Palm House?
  • How many pieces of glass make up the Palm House?
  • What colour are the bananas in the Palm House?
Explore Kew Gardens!

Artefact of the Week

Baobab Shaker

Baobab Shaker

Plants and seeds are often used to make musical instruments. These shakers have been made from the fruit of the baobab tree which grows in Africa. The fruits have been peeled and dried, leaving a hard nut with seeds inside which makes an interesting percussion instrument.

How big can the baobab tree trunk grow?

Answer: A baobab tree trunk can have a circumference of more than 25 metres and a diameter of 9 metres. Sometimes it is hollow and as many as 50 people can shelter inside.

Why did the explorer David Livingstone think that the baobab tree looked like it was upside-down?

Answer: In the winter the trees lose their leaves and the branches look like roots that grow in the air.

Find out more about the baobab tree

Picture/Clip of the Week

Vincent van Gogh – Sunflowers

Take a look at Vincent van Gogh’s famous picture of sunflowers.

Do you like it?

Scroll down the page and select Create Art Like van Gogh. Download the sunflowers and colour them in according to your mood – which colours did you use?

Challenge of the Week

Grow your own sunflower!
Grow your own sunflower!

Visit the RHS website for some tips.

Perhaps everyone in your house could grow one – whose is the tallest?

We’d love to see your creations!

Send us a photo via Twitter @JuniperEd or email us.


Next time you are out for a walk collect some leaves and take some photographs of flowers – then look them up in a book or on line to find the name of the tree or flower
Leaves/Flowers - Challenge of the Week