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Book of the Week

Key Stage 1
Princess Mirror-Belle and the Dragon Pox

Author – Julia Donaldson
Illustrator – Lydia Monks
Publisher – Pan Macmillan
Paperback – ISBN 9781509862658
Audio – Available on Audible

Ellen is surprised when Princess Mirror-Belle climbs out of the bathroom mirror. She comes from a world where bubble fish swim in the bath, elves sleep in slippers, and brave knights fight fire-breathing dragons.  And while Ellen has chickenpox, Mirror-Belle has dragon pox – but she knows just the cure.

Fun and imaginative with beautiful bright illustrations, this picture book comes from author illustrator dream-team, Donaldson and Monks.

Key Stage 2
Pig Heart Boy

Author – Malorie Blackman
Publisher – Random House Children’s Publishers UK
Paperback – ISBN 9780552551663
EPUB – ISBN 9781446453551

Thirteen-year-old Cameron is in desperate need of a heart transplant when a pioneering doctor approaches his family with a startling proposal.  He can give Cameron a new heart – but not from a human.

This book deals with the risks and controversy of a procedure that had never been done before.

Website of the Week

National Geographic Kids Website

National Geographic Kids

Discover some amazing facts about the Human Body!

Perhaps you could make up some quiz questions based on the facts and try them out on someone at home?

Check out these 15 fascinating facts about our bodies…

Artefact of the Week

Life sized model of the human heart

A human heart with a removable top section that lifts away to reveal the heart valves and other major components.

Can you find the answers to these questions? You might find these pages from the British Heart Foundation website helpful:

How many litres of blood does the heart pump around your body every day?

Answer: Each day, your heart beats around 100,000 times. This continuously pumps about five litres of blood around your body through a network of blood vessels called your circulatory system. This blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to all parts of your body.

How active do you need to be to keep your heart healthy?

Answer: Children and young people should aim to participate in 60 minutes of physical activity every day such as walking, dancing, cycling, active play or other sports, whilst adults should aim for at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week.

Picture/Clip of the Week

Sign Language and Art

How did the artists and children use their bodies to communicate?

You might also like to do this quiz and find out which hairstyle you should have!

View Sign Language and Art

Challenge of the Week

British Sign Language

The video clip on Sign Language and Art used American Sign Language. British Sign Language also has signs for finger spelling names and other words for which there isn’t a sign.

Use this chart to learn the letters of your name.

Can you sign your name to someone? Can you do it really quickly? Now try and sign the name of someone else in your family or of one of your friends.

British Sign Language


Make a model hand!

Visit Science Kids for some ideas on how to do this.

British Sign Language

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