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Book of the Week

Key Stage 1
Meet the Planets

Author – Caryl Hart
Illustrator – Bethan Woollvin
Publisher – Bloomsbury Publishing
Book with CD – ISBN 9781408892985
EPUB – 9781408892992

This lovely book with bold and cheerful illustrations takes the reader on a journey through our solar system.

The fun rhyme introduces young astronauts to each planet they pass on this exciting adventure.

A great book to read aloud with lots of learning opportunities.

Key Stage 2

Author – SF Said
Publisher – Random House Children’s Publishers UK
Paperback – ISBN 9780552571340
EPUB – Available on Kindle

A human boy living on a colony deep in space can hear the stars chiming in his dreams and wakes up to a power growing inside of him.  Suddenly finding himself on a spaceship with a crew of aliens during a war, he learns the value of friendship whilst discovering the deepest secrets of space.

At nearly 500 pages Phoenix may look a bit intimidating but filled with captivating illustrations and an engaging storyline with likeable characters, the pages quickly fly by.

Website of the Week

Children in Space

NASA Kids’ Club

See a wide range of activities and information for children. View a description of the activities.

NB age groups refer to American school system – K roughly equivalent to Y1 (though most of the activities are also appropriate for YR) and Grade 4 to Y5.

NASA Kids' Club

Artefact of the Week

Motorised Solar System and Planetarium

Motorised Solar System and Planetarium

This is an orrery – a mechanical model of our solar system that illustrates the relative positions and size of the planets, although totally accurate scaling cannot be achieved given the very large distances. It also shows the position of the stars at night.

Now test your knowledge of the solar system using these websites to help you find the answers:

Which planet is the hottest in our solar system?

Answer: Venus has temperatures over 450 degrees C and is the hottest planet in our solar system.

Picture/Clip of the Week


What can you see in the picture? Where do you think it has come from?

Have a go at completing one of the options at the end of the Story Starter either by writing it down or telling someone your ideas.

View Unidentified on Pobble

Challenge of the Week

Make a…