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Book of the Week

Key Stage 1
Man on the Moon

Author – Simon Bartram
Illustrator – Simon Bartram
Publisher – Templar Publishing
Book with CD – ISBN 9781840114911
EPUB – Available on Kindle

This lovely picture book has stood the test of time as the illustrations still captivate children today.  The story of Bob, the man who lives on the moon and looks after it.

Whether he is entertaining passing space tourists or giving guided tours, Bob is the perfect person to do the job as he knows everything there is to know about the moon.  And he is certain that there are absolutely no aliens on the moon.

Key Stage 2
DK Find Out! Space Travel

Author – Jerry Stone
Publisher – Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Paperback – ISBN 9780241358399
EPUB – ISBN 9780241395882

This book is packed full of great pictures and facts about space exploration.  Whether you want to find out about the first trip to space, the Apollo moon landings, working on the international space station or what it takes to be an astronaut, this book has it all and more.

A great book for budding space explorers!

Website of the Week


Explore Earth and Space!

Find our more about the solar system, including earth and our moon, and for lots of ideas for games and activities. It will keep you busy!

Explore Earth and Space!

Artefact of the Week

Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwich

Astronaut Ice Cream

Food has been specially created for astronauts to eat in space. The food must provide not only balanced nutrition for the health of individuals working in space, but also be easy and safe to store, prepare and consume in the low gravity environments of spacecrafts. Food is freeze-dried for NASA for the Apollo missions to the moon.

Useful websites:

What did Neil Armstrong have for breakfast before he became the first man to walk on the moon?

On July 16th, 1969, Neil Armstrong and his crew mates Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins ate steak and eggs for breakfast.

Why can you see footprints on the surface of the moon?

The moon doesn’t have any wind to blow around and cover the footprints and Rover tyre tracks that were left by the astronauts. It’s believed that those prints will stay there for millions of years.

Picture/Clip of the Week

Our Moon Isn’t the Only Moon!

Take a look at this short film about moons. What did you learn about moons?

Challenge of the Week


Using the information on Google Earth, make a list of all the astronauts who have walked on the moon. Read the list a few times – then see how many of them you can remember.


Create and perform a dance with some Moonwalking steps – there are some videos on YouTube which will help you if you are not sure how to do a moonwalk.

See Also:

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