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Book of the Week

Key Stage 1
Mr Bunny's Chocolate Factory

Author and Illustrator – Elys Dolan
Publisher – Oxford University Press
Winner of the LOLLIES 2018
Paperback – 9780192746207
EPUB – 9780192746214

Find out where chocolate eggs come from with this behind the scenes look at Mr Bunny’s chocolate factory.

This hilarious picture books can be appreciated on many levels, telling the story of the business-minded Mr Bunny, and the plight of the overworked chickens, striking over their working conditions. The details of the illustrations bring so much to the story making this a worthy winner of the 2018 Lollies.

Key Stage 2
The Dragon with the Chocolate Heart

Author – Stephanie Burgis
Illustrator – Freya Hartas
Publisher – Bloomsbury Publishing
Paperback – ISBN 9781408880319
EPUB – ISBN 9781408880302

Adventurine is a wild young dragon who is tricked into drinking a delicious chocolate potion which transforms her into a human, and she cannot change back.  Forced to adapt, she travels to a nearby city to learn how to be human and her love of the chocolatey drink draws her to an apprenticeship in a Chocolate house.

This story brings together fantasy, family, friendship and the skills of chocolate making as the Adventurine tries to find where she truly belongs.

Website of the Week

Family Zone

This excellent website has been set up specifically to support parents at this challenging time. It has links to its own National Literacy Trust resources along with many other useful sites and Apps, some of which we will focus on in the days to come. Follow the link under the 5-8 age group to find Michael Rosen reading his poem Chocolate Cake.

Visit Family Zone

Artefact of the Week

Mayan Mask

This is an ancient Maya mask. Now do some research to discover:

Where the ancient Maya lived? (Click for Answer)

The Maya lived in Mexico and other parts of Central America.

How are the ancient Maya linked to chocolate? (Click for Answer)

The Maya were the first civilisation to make a drink from the beans of the cacao tree.

Why did the Mayas invent chocolate? (Click for Answer)

They used cocoa beans as a form of barter currency instead of money to exchange for food or clothes. Liquid chocolate was also used instead of blood in religious ceremonies and was drank before battles as it was thought to give the soldiers extra strength.

You could try BBC Bitesize for more interesting facts about the history of chocolate and the ancient Maya.

Picture/Clip of the Week

Jackson Pollock

Look at these paintings by artist Jackson Pollock:

Now try and create your own painting in the same style using chocolate.

Challenge of the Week

Create your own imaginary chocolate bar

Decide on the ingredients you will use, what it will look like, how it will taste and what you will call it. Finally design the packaging for your new bar.


With an adult or older sibling make something to eat using chocolate or cocoa for example chocolate brownies or chocolate Krispie cakes. Enjoy!

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