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Being a year 10 student during the coronavirus outbreak is a challenge. Slap–bang in the middle of my GCSEs, at one of the most critical times in my education, I am learning from home without the support of face-to-face teaching. Teaching myself all of the content for GCSE is a challenge.

However, the reason I prised myself away from the second re-run of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the lockdown and got off of the sofa to pick up a pen and some paper to write this blog was to highlight my journey in lockdown – the good side, and the bad side. And so (without any further ado) I present to you: “A Teenagers Guide to the Galaxy Lockdown.”

The Move to Online Teaching

As a result of the COVID–19 outbreak, many students across the country have been forced to learn from home. This has required teachers and students to rapidly adapt to a new way of life.

Many schools have moved to online teaching using apps such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams to teach students and keep teaching as normal as possible. However, my school has used an online platform to set tasks and lessons. Both methods have very different strengths and weaknesses. The method our school employs comes with many challenges, however the most prominent is: Motivation. Whether you have online classes or have tasks set daily, motivation has been a major challenge for all of us students.

How I Keep Focused

I’m not going to pretend that this is easy, it’s not, and I have struggled with self-discipline. It takes lots of hard work to be able to stop yourself from straying off of the task, but it can be done. I try to stay to a routine – this keeps me on track and working through repetition.
Following a set routine helps to make me stay focused for lesson time and then use break times as times to relax and mess around.
The routine approach also provides another advantage: downtime. By giving yourself time to relax and do things you want to do, this helps you become more focused in the long-run.

Life as we Know it

Life is different from what it was before. This virus has changed education as we know it, forever. If anything, this hasn’t proved how outdated and archaic schools are, but how they are a vital part of society.
As a year 10 student, during the coronavirus, education has never been harder. However, in these times, it is vital that we all stay motivated and continue to try our best in these unusual circumstances. So, as a student, blog-writer and human being:

Thank you for reading.

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